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Melbourne is The Sports Capital of Australia
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Photo taken by David Jenyns
during the MCG's demolition.

David Jenyns at the MCG.
Media Release: 14/2/04

Melbourne Man Sells the MCG for $24.95!

"Well, at least you can now say you own a piece of the MCG!" laughs young Victorian entreprenuer, David Jenyns, to those lucky enough to have one of the rare MCG pieces he put up for offer last year.

With the Melbourne Cricket Ground's (MCG) Ponsford Grandstand demolition complete, we all thought there was nothing more than a fond memory left.

"You still have a chance to grasp onto something more than a memory," says Jenyns "but not for long!"

Thanks to his preservation effort, 21 year old Jenyns is once again giving true sports and history fans another chance: a final chance to snatch up the remaining pieces of the beloved stand's green wooden seats!

Jenyns emphasizes that this collector's item is "not just a piece of wood, it's Australian history, and any true sports fan would be proud to own it."

With only a limited number left, Jenyns urges collectors and fans to become the new owners of those final pieces for only $24.95. The price includes a beautifully-cut wooden Piece of the Ponsford Seating, Certificate of Authenticity, MCG Panoramic Colour Photo, and MCG chronology.

Order now to avoid disappointment!

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